Drug and Alcohol Services

Directories of Drug & Alcohol Services

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Drug & Alcohol Wellbeing Service (DAWS)

Run by Turning Point and Blenheim, DAWS supports local people, their families, friends and employers to make positive changes in relation to drugs and alcohol. They have a welcoming team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, recovery workers, support workers, complementary therapists, peer volunteers, counsellors and trainers.

Services are confidential and include evening and drop-in clinics.

Contact Details:

The New Coach House
370-376 Uxbridge Road
London W12 7LL
Telephone: 0208 740 6815 / 020 8746 0303
Email: daws@turning-point.co.uk
Website: www.wellbeing.turning-point.co.uk

The Club Drug Clinic

The Club Drug Clinic is a free NHS service for people who have begun to experience problems with their use of recreational drugs.

Contact Details:

69 Warwick Road, Earls Court, SW5 9HB

Telephone: 0203 315 6111

Email: clubdrugclinic.cnwl@nhs.uk/

Website: www.wellbeing.turning-point.co.uk

Services For Teenagers & Adolescents


FRANK was set up specifically to provide advice and support to teenagers and helps you find out everything you might want to know about drugs. For friendly, confidential advice, Talk to FRANK.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 0300 123 6600
SMS: 82111
Website: www.talktofrank.com

Insight KC

Insight KC offers a free, friendly and confidential young people’s support service. They provide information, advice and help to young people between the ages of 12-25 who are living with or affected by drug or alcohol issues.

Contact Details:

51 Golborne Road
Greater London
W10 5NR
Telephone: 0208 960 5510
Email: a.makvandi@blenheimcdp.org.uk
Website: www.blenheimcdp.org.uk

The Alcohol Service

Free and confidential alcohol service for adults and affected others.

Contact Details:

Telephone Number: 0800 014 7440
Website: www.changegrowlive.org