Handyperson & small jobs at home

Keeping your home well maintained can sometimes be difficult, particularly if you have health problems or are short of money. But a well-maintained home can help you to stay in better health and to avoid accidents. If you’re struggling to keep up with jobs that need doing around the home and garden, you may be able to get help with small DIY jobs and decorating from local voluntary organisations.

Other organisations offer help to residents in both public and private housing with smaller home maintenance jobs, such as gardening or sorting paperwork. There is not usually a cost, but donations are always welcome. This type of assistance is offered on an occasional basis and is provided by volunteers.

People First

This collates local resources across West London.

Website: www.peoplefirstinfo.org.uk

Age UK

Age UK operates handyperson services in over 80% of the country. These services offer older people extra help with small practical jobs to make their lives life easier and safer around the home.

Telephone: 0207 386 9085
Website: www.ageuk.org.uk

Healthier Homes

The Healthier Homes Project has been set up with public health funding to assist residents, of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea, living in homes that are cold, damp or dangerous and where their health may be put at risk.

Telephone: 0207 341 5247
Email: Healthierhomes@lbhf.gov.uk
Website: www.peoplefirstinfo.org.uk

Bishop Creighton House

This organization provides a carpenter as part of a ‘Small Jobs Scheme’.

Website: www.creightonhouse.org